The Treehouse

Although the treehouse was built mainly for my kids, it is also a wonderful showcase for the reclaimed lumber I use to build furniture, make floors, and do other unique and rustic creations. Inspired by many episodes of "Treehouse Masters", I was able to come up with my own thoughts and ideas and build a wonderful treehouse that is now a perfect place for my wife and I to enjoy a bit of relaxation or my kids to have a sleepover.

The outside of the treehouse has a close resemblance to the house that I built for our family and my shop. From the small dormer with a loft to the cedar shakes and trim, the outside of the treehouse closely resembles our actual home. Nearly everything on the inside of the treehouse is reclaimed wood. The floors are made of reclaimed heart pine and look absolutely beautiful after the finish is put on. The siding and trim is made of old barn boards I keep when I tear down old buildings. Add in a few rustic pieces of furniture I built specifically for the treehouse, cedar ceilings, and a door made out of a couple of my thick slabs, the inside of the treehouse has that original old fashioned look that is truly beautiful.