Got Logs?

            I am always looking for logs to purchase, specifically hardwood logs. I mainly look for walnut, oak, maple, elm, and sycamore but I might consider other hardwoods. Some of the most common sources of the logs I get are from trees that people have on their property and can't afford to pay a tree service company to remove it. If the logs are less than 18 inches in diameter, rotten, or not straight enough to saw I can't use them. If you think you have a good log that I might want please contact me with pictures and I will let you know if I am interested.


            I also look for old barns, houses, or buildings to tear down. I look for buildings with large beams (preferably hand-hewn) and other quality wood that can be salvaged.
    If you think you have a piece like this please contact me, even if you are unsure. Often times, people think the old buildings/barns, etc... are worthless and burn them so please don't do that until I can tell you there is not anything worth salvaging. I only tear down buildings within a ~100 mile radius of Floyd and usually do not do a full clean up (otherwise I take what I need and leave the rest for you to burn, sell, or whatever). Even though it is a lot of labor to haul my equipment and make several trips with loads of wood, I am usually willing to pay for the buildings. If you think you have a building that I might want please contact me.